There is no answer to discomfort. But I want to talk to someone about the discomfort I feel. An independent magazine that thinks together with everyone who feels "uncomfortable" in such a world and creates a new normal together. Focusing on issues of gender, sexuality, and gender dualism, it covers a wide range of topics, from art editorials to academic dialogues. Centering on the editorial department, we will send out content with people who are active for the expression and representation of queer and gender. He is humorous and serious about creating a movement that reclaims his own story from the queer culture scene, using "discomfort" as a starting point.

mai 2023


mai 2023

IWAKAN: a Japanese print-magazine dedicated to challenging, questioning, and exploring our iwakan towards gender and its intersection with other topics.

Though this exploration may present more questions than answers, we are nonetheless driven by our curiosity. A curiosity for how the world around us can change if we begin to question that which we have come to consider as “normal”. While many have found comfort in the status quo, there are others who have had to suppress the iwakan they felt, change, hide, or disfigure themselves in order to fit into this mould we call society. Our existence as outsiders is either made fun of or the elephant in the room — ignored, unsightly. We are expected to become “normal” at the cost of our dignity and reprimanded should we fail.

However, our voices will not be silenced so easily.

Rather than an unfortunate reality — hushed away and silenced — we believe that the iwakan we feel has the potential for positive change. It is the tool which will help create a new world, free from the status quo, free from oppressive norms, and one in which we are all free to choose our own path.

IWAKAN is born from this hope.







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