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Launched in 2019 by Marco Voena, IL LIBRO showcases Italian art in all its guises from the classical period through to the present day, with a focus on lesser known figures and stories. Each volume aims to show readers the depth and fascination of Italian culture, with articles, interviews and literary excerpts covering topics ranging from fine art to architecture, design, film and much more.

Despite these uncertain times, when many magazines have decided to move online, IL LIBRO has taken the decision to remain in print, privileging the experience of holding a book in one’s hands and turning the pages. There is value and history in the printed word. IL LIBRO takes its name from Baldassare Castiglione’s 1528 Book of the Courtier, the Renaissance volume that set the standards for taste and comportment.

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Il Libro N°4
Il Libro N°4

Il Libro N°4

Il Libro N°4

The fourth volume of IL LIBRO, like those before it, is not limited by time. Here, we take a fresh look at the Italian Arcadian vision from early Roman wall painting, through the utopian notions behind post war discos, to the present day, with a discussion between Giuseppe Penone and Sria Chatterjee about the risk of losing the very landscape that formed the vision this magazine celebrates.







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