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Vestoj est un magazine annuel sur l’habillement, liant les mondes de l’académie, la littérature et l’industrie de la mode.
Vestoj N°2

Vestoj N°2

Vestoj N°2

As we began to think about the second issue of Vestoj, it seemed striking that magic appears to have so much in common with fashion. For us, our journey into these two worlds was set in motion when we began thinking of the alchemist and his search for eternal youth and the way in which the fashion industry seems to perpetually be on the very same quest. Fashion, as well as clothing in general, whether a part of the capitalist system and displayed on a catwalk or a part of traditional folk religion and worn by a shaman, is full of contradictions and often it speaks directly to our dreams and desires. For any system to work we need to accept it as true, in this respect fashion really is no different from magic. The connections between the two are as many as they are intriguing. Not least the fact that, after all, for fashion to work its magic we need to believe, don't we?




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