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Artisans of the Wild

Artisans of the Wild is not a manifesto.
Artisans of the Wild is not a magazine.
Artisans of the Wild is not a book.

It is a creation that generates surprise form the very first page, plunging the reader into a far-reaching visual and multisensory adventure, and a re-examination of our relationship with nature.
How can we combine enchantment and responsibility? How can we restore the meaning of life's essentials?

The unique exploration of imaginary worlds (the creations of artisans) abd the real world (from Congo to Japan and beyond) encourages us to treasure the Wild within us: the marvellous creative energy that is to decidedly human.
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Artisans of the Wild issue 1
Artisans of the Wild issue 1
Artisans of the Wild issue 1

Artisans of the Wild N°1

Artisans of the Wild issue 1

The first opus of Artisans of the Wild  tells the story of extraordinary personalities who have transcended their professions, striving to adapt them to the times, to our time, whil continuing to enchant us.

From Emmanuel Perrotin, reinventing the profession of art dealer, to Laila Gohar, who, resonating with the work of Jennifer Rubell, transposes the poetry of words into the foods that nourish humankind, sanctifying them rightful homage. Artisans of the WIld also evokes places and ideas that, once juxtaposed and shared with other initiatives,individual or collective,private or public, personal or professional, will help us to continue imagining the world of tomorrow, and will contribute to halting the advance of a destiny that we have the power to change.

To create and take action, instead of merely hoping that, as the coming decades unfold, we will be able to write, "Wild is the man".





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