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Le bouton au fil du temps

le bouton au fil du temps – Loïc ALLIO

Through a kind of love dictionary, Loic Allio takes us with him over time and its populous anecdotes trips to the discovery of the button face. Often on a light tone, even humorous, while relying on solid documentation, guides us through the countless buttons products over time to show us the basics and understand the thread.

Rather than being discouraged with overly scholarly texts or difficult to read, the spotlight is left buttons photographed in high definition, to allow the reader to appreciate by himself the beauty of objects. Everything is made for a nice walk and informative with, from time to time, the Beutone inspector, a prominent member of the FBI (French Button Investigation).

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Le bouton au fil du temps N°1

a button odissey

This book is for everyone. The button object transcendent differences and does not know borders, everyone can find a little something, a memory, an emotion and why not, some inspiration to rediscover the passion and heart of a child ...

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