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The Steidz

The Steidz explores the contemporary aesthetics through the prism of image and text. With an obvious radicality in its artistic choices, The Steidz is a magazine that relates creation to its vocation: inspiration, fonction, influence.
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The Steidz Issue 3
The Steidz Issue 3
The Steidz Issue 3

The Steidz N°3

The Steidz Issue 3

They represent our tomorrow. From art and design, to fashion and publishing, the stimulating visual language of these talents inspires reflection about our evolving society, challenging and crafting anew. Whilst some question, others stage a response to contemporary mutations. Inside the pages of The Steidz, they are held up to the light, unveiling the hybridization of creative and geographical borders, and opening up to the transition towards an alternative and global art.






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