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Up-and-Coming Style

Up-and-Coming Style is a brand new editorial project, edited in Italy but projected towards the wide world. A magazine which is also a book, dedicated to avantgarde and research in photography, fashion and art.

Up-and-Coming Style - #1

Up-and-Coming Style N°01

Up-and-Coming Style - #1

Issue 1 — f ⁄ w 2013–2014

23,5×30 cm, 368 pages on uncoated and coated paper, hardbound, with hot-foiled printed cover.
Contributors: Giulia Bersani, Alessandro Casagrande, Federico Ferrari, Claudia Grassl, Bernhard Handick, Ruggero Lupo Mengoni, Eleonora Marton, Alberto Moreu, Ricardo Passaporte, Gian Giacomo Pepe, Elisabetta Porcinai, Andrea Quarantotto, Silva+Cemin, Robert Tepiak, Think Work Observe, Daisuke Yokota. Contributing writers: Lamberto Cantoni, Vittoria Maschietto, Elisabetta Porcinai, Andrea Quarantotto, Sara Scialpi. 

Stockist: http://www.upandcomingstyle.com/#shop



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