DUST is a Pan-European biannual independent magazine founded in 2011 in Berlin and distributed worldwide, committed to blending high-level photography, culture, and a critical view on our current times. The magazine explores the universe of youth within the context of a continuous state of crisis, highlighting the genuine and non-codified aspects of the emerging generation. It steers clear of institutionalised geography and trends, transcending the standardisation that often shapes the youth experience into regulated forms. DUST collaborates with acclaimed personalities from the fashion industry and cultural sphere, including thinkers, artists, and thought-provoking figures, making it a platform for innovative and influential voices.

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The Smile Issue

Dust N°25

The Smile Issue

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These recent years feel like the most perplexing times our generation has ever experienced. More and more, our present has been worn away and reshaped, confining us to a world that tests our ability to envision a welcoming future or give us reasons to smile about it. A smile, however, remains one of the most powerful tools we have—not as a means of escaping reality or succumbing to cynicism, but as a defiant act of hope. In the face of ever-intensifying climate catastrophes worldwide, wars waged ruthlessly against international laws, the threat of unregulated AI, rising polarisation in society, and the alarming rise of anti-democratic populist forces, smiling becomes our act of defiance, a rejection of a reality we refuse to conform to. Inevitably, smiling creates spaces where new ideas flourish, inclusive movements are nurtured, and a better tomorrow is forged, spreading a contagious spirit of resistance. Losing our smile means losing our future.


Cover 1/21: Nand and Jef wearing mid-1980’s Chipie and Jean Paul Gaultier. All from stylist’s own archive. Photography by Willy Vanderperre. Stylist: Olivier Rizzo.

Cover 2/21: Ned Sims wearing Dior Men. Photography by Adam Peter Johnson. Stylist: Pau Avia.

Cover 3/21: Chris and Tomas wearing ERL and Olly Shinder. Photography by Kito Muñoz. Stylist: Luca Guarini.

Cover 21/21: Tomas wearing Blue Marine. Photography by Kito Muñoz. Stylist: Luca Guarini. (Censored picture / sticker is not present on the physical copy)







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